Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hiatus again and again

Dear hiatus,

Aaarrrggghhhh!!! This is my third time on hiatus. You know that I am a working woman, I only cook and bake on weekend. And now, another exam is awaiting. I didn’t want to fail again like previous exam *oops! all over the world knows that I was failed*, so I have to study harder on the weekend *of course, I don’t have another time* and put aside my cooking and baking projects *again* huhuhu.

Wish me luck!

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Cake Decorating Style

Dear friends,

These are some of my cake decorating styles! Pastel colors, sprinkles, candies, chocolates and cherries. Soo simple! *read: not creative:p* *but yummy, right?*. With the help of edible images, the cakes look gorgeous *maapkan ke-lebay-an saya*.

Thank you so much my dear friends, you have given me many-many chances to learn more. As you know that practices make perfect!

Hugs & kisses,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buttercream vs Fondant

Dear Wilton lovers,

Doctrined by my mom *kesannya sadis banget yak:D* since I was a kid with Wilton Yearbook, I gradually in love with cake decorating. Even though I never practice it quite often *you know lah, birthday happens once a year:p*, I only have weekend to do my me-time but I eager to learn it. Fortunately, NCC introduced me with this course and luckily Ibu Fatmah was my teacher at that time. I knew that I didn’t have a talent in decorating cake, but I always want to put this and that on the cake I made. I love sprinkles, pastel colors and the taste of creamy buttercream. I love my own design *simply egoist, huh:p*. Since then, I started to collect the basic set of tips, food colorings, flavorings and cake decorating tools.

But then, I found out that cake decorating with buttercream has some limitations. It must put in refrigerator unless it melts if we put in open air more than 2 hours. And, buttercream doesn’t easily to mold *pardon my limited creativity*. But edible image makes it perfect! Such an answer to my prayer *thank you so much mbak Ina and mbak Vita for your great services hehehe *kok servis yah, emang servis komputer*.

Later, I met fondant. I was so happy to know this! Like a child with the eyes sparkled finding her toys *yup! playing dough*. But again, fondant also has a limitation *imho*. For me, the taste is toooo sweet, the sweetest candy I ever eat. I like to play with fondant but I don’t like to eat it. I feel mubazir *mendadak ada bahasa Arab:D* if I make it, then I don’t eat it. So, I never make fondant again. Even though I really-really want to make it. I wish I find fondant with mint flavor or not-too-sweet someday.

Isn't it cute and yummy??? *picture is taken from here*
And I think chocolate modelling has a better taste than fondant right now. I will try to learn it. Well.. maybe next time.

Viva chocolate modelling!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pennylane Brownies

Dear brownies lovers,

As I promised you before, I would like  to share the famous brownie recipe taken from mbak Riana's blog. This brownie is easy to make, healthy and cheap! Yea, because it used vegetable oil and peanuts. Let's take a look at below recipe, of course with a little modification hehehe...

4 eggs x 2
2 cups castor sugar x 2
½ tsp salt x 2
1 1/2 cups flour x 2
¾ cup cocoa powder x 2
1 tsp vanilla powder x 2
1 cup vegetable oil x 2
1 cup roasted peanuts -> 100gram x 2
½ cup chocolate chips -> 105 gram x 2
All the ingredients were multiplied by 2, because I made 2 tins.

- Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celcius. Prepare 2 brownie tins 10x30x4cm in size, line them with baking paper, grease with margarine.
- Beat with mixer the eggs and sugar until the sugar dissolves and the batter looks pale. Add salt, beat well.
- Turn off mixer, sift the flour, cocoa powder and vanilla into the batter, fold. Add oil, stir well. Add peanuts and chocolate chips, stir well.
- Pour the batter into the tins, bake for +/- 45 minutes (in my oven). Test until inserted toothpick comes out clean.
- Cooled first before serving.

It is always yummy, never fails, and no guilty at all *maap lebay hehehe*. By the way, my brownie is over baked alias gosong *oops*, so I cut the top, but it is still yummy *iya kan iya kan hehehe*.