Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mom + Me = Wilton

Dear Wilton lovers,

I do believe that I am my mom's daughter haha.. I don't have to doubt about it. Even though since I was kid, I always disagreed with my mom's said and I felt that I am not her kid but my father's kid hoho. Yup, I kinda naughty anyway. But, when I grow older, I will be there at your side to remind you how I still love youuu... *it's a Queen song anyway.. haha* I mean, when I grow older, especially when I was in college, when I felt like I have much time to do anything, when I read the woman magz that so many recipes I haven't tried yet. So from that day, I cooked and baked passionately.

Well.. it's gonna be a long long story if I tell you about my cooking and baking hobbies. I should write it until my fingers cramped *see.. I am a lazy blogger* and you should prepare snack and coffee beside your table while reading it haha..

So to make it short, actually I just want to show you the first my mom's and my Wilton magazine. My mom bought it at Toko Ani in 1984 and I bought it also with my mom at Toko Ani in 2009. Amazing isn't it?

Kiss & hug for my lovely mom,


  1. Menarik sekali nemu buku 'vintage' ya Tik. Aku lagi ngumpul2 buku2 mamaku jg :D

  2. Waaaaa... senangnya dpt komen pertama dari mbak Vania my idol hihihi.. Ayo mbak dicariii!!! Aku juga mau nyari ah:D