Monday, September 12, 2011

Sambal Kangkung

Dear kangkung lovers,

Do you know the best salad I ever eat? Of course you know that, I have put on the title of this post hahaha. Yes, kangkung *water spinach* with sambal terasi *shrimp paste condiment* as a dressing. It is actually one of Indonesian salad. Please take a look at below recipe! You will gonna like it.

8 bunch kangkung *water spinach*, removed the stems from the leaves, boiled
150gr bean sprout, soaked in hot water, drained
2 big tofu, boiled, cut into 4, fried
Kerupuk putih *white crackers*

2 terasi udang ABC *shrimp paste*
2 tomatoes, halved
100gr red chilies, cut into 3 *supaya ga meletek pas digoreng*
14 cayennes
6 shallots

100gr Javanese palm sugar
Salt to taste
1/4 lemon, squeezed


Sambal terasi:
- Fried shrimp paste, then tomatoes, red chilies, cayennes and shallots, until cooked and tomatoes become tender.
- After that grinded in order: shrimp paste, salt, red chilies, cayennes, shallots, Javanese palm sugar, tomatoes and lemon squeezed.

- Serving: put water spinach, bean sprout, tofu, kerupuk putih and sambal terasi in a plate. Enjoy!
- Tahu kuning *yellow tofu* is more delicious *my mom didn't find it in the market at that time*.
- It is finger licking good, so no need to use spoon or fork.
- I ate it as a main course, don't follow me if you are still hungry hahaha.
- Wash your hand before and after eating, and don't try to eat it an hour before meeting with client. It's a big no no, because your hand will smell terasi hihihi.


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