Sunday, January 1, 2012

Old & New

Happy New Year!

This is my first post in 2012 with a new layout *yeayyy!!!*. Been busy lately, so I can't update my blog. But I promise that starting next week I will cook & bake again. Say goodbye to books and exam for a while hehehe. 

Speaking about my blog, anyway it's already 1 year old. I am so happy with it, because it is my first serious blog, that I should maintained regularly. Thank God, I've already posted 26 articles and hit 2,541 viewers until now with *uhuk* only 2 comments from my idols *thank you so much mbak Vania and Friska* and 1 follower. For me, it's a nice beginning.

And now, let me introduce you with my new layout, *ehm* coffee background with chocolate font. Sounds yummy, isn't it?

Why I choose coffee and chocolate as theme of my background in this year? Who doesn't like coffee and chocolate anyway? Well, actually I don't like coffee before. But last year my father's alternative doctor suggested me to drink black coffee with bananas twice a day. He said that coffee is good to strenghten your heart. I didn't believe it at the firts time, because when I was in high school I always drink coffee every night to stay awake for study for tomorrow's exams. But it never works out, I got stomach ache and my heart beats fast and sweaty in my palms. Since then, I decided I will never drink coffee again.

Since the doctor convinced me to drink it, I tried to drink it again. And you know what? I fell in love with coffee ever since. I am enjoy trying many kinds of coffee especially kopi tubruk:p. I started to enjoy coming to the cafe such as Anomali Coffee, Starbucks, J.Co and Kopitiam Oey. And I will try all the cafe whenever possible. Ask me to go there and I will join;).

Well, that's the reason about my theme background. Happy new year friends! May this year will be better than last year. Healthier and wealthier!

Salam kopi tubruk & pisang goreng,

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