Sunday, February 6, 2011

Siomay with Cucumber & Broccoli

Dear siomay lovers,

I think everyone in Indonesia familiar with siomay. We can see that everyday siomay vendors always pass through our homes. But, my mom's siomay is different. Usually she fills the cucumber with siomay. And a couple days ago while we were making siomay, my brother covered the broccoli with siomay. Surprisingly, it tastes good. Here is the siomay recipe from my mom. This time, we made it from chicken and shrimp, because she didn't find mackerel in the market.


For siomay:
500gr bengkoang, grated, squeeze and throw away the water
500gr sago, you can see on the above picture with red font
250gr mackerel/marlin fish/chicken breast, grind
100gr peeled shrimp,grind
2 garlics, grind
20gr dried jamur kuping, soaked then sliced thin
2 scallions, sliced thin
1tbs pepper
1tbs salt
1tbs sugar

For additional siomay:
250gr bitter melon (pare), leave the seed, cut then boiled -> this time I didn't use it
1kg cucumber, cut into three pieces
500gr big potato, cut into four pieces then boiled half-cooked
2 big tofu, cut then boiled
1 cabbage, cut coarse -> this time I didn't use it
1 broccoli, cut coarse

For peanut sauce:
250gr peanut, fried with little oil
26 cayennes -> this time my mom bought import cayenne from Thailand. It is hotter than local cayenne
6 red chilies
2 garlics
1tbs salt
100gr brown sugar
2 glasses of water
1 tbs lime juice
A little vegetable oil to fry

For complement:
Soy sauce
Ketchup -> I found leftover from refrigerator yeayyy!!!
Lime juice


For siomay:
Mix all the siomay ingredients, taste it as you like. Devide the dough into two, half for siomay, and the rest for siomay filling. First dough: put a small amount of dough into boiling water. Wait until the dough is floating (usually it looks like a medium size meatball). Second dough: Combine it as you like with all additional siomay ingredients. Steam all of them for about 30 minutes or until cooked. Served hot with peanut sauce, soy sauce, ketchup and a little of lime juice.

For peanut sauce:
Fried cayennes, red chilies and garlics with little oil then blend with fried peanut. Boiled brown sugar with 2 glass of water until diluted. Then add the blend ingredients. Wait until it is boiling. Give 1 tbs lime juice. 

The step is a little bit complicated, but the result will not be disappointed. Thanks God, I got help from my mom and brother. Cause we made it while we want to eat lunch, so we made it in hurry hehehe. Btw, you can add or reduce the cayenne as you like. Don't follow the exact recipe okayyy!!!

Hot regards,

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