Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brownie Fun!

Dear brownies lovers,

When I went to Toko Ani with Lina *semoga dia ga kesandung jalannya, dari kemarin disebut2 mulu namanya:D*, I decided for not buying any kind of baking ingredients, since I have to study for the examination. I only bought couverture chocolate for making melted brownies at that time.

So, I stood near the cashier, I didn't want to see the entire shop. But suddenly my eyes caught a brownie book at the cashier stall. I asked the cashier to get it for me. After reading it randomly for a while, I decided to buy it, because I looove brownies a lot. A simple reason. See???

And now... I am confused to choose between reading my exam materials, Brownie Fun! or Topeng Kaca 7 *comic that I lend from Titin*? All of them are interesting.

Happy reading for myself!

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