Monday, December 27, 2010

Carrot Mushroom Saute

Dear mushroom lovers,

Please welcome my first experience in the kitchen! Carrot and Mushroom Saute! It is easy to cook, but it is difficult to write it moreover in English *it's kinda challenge for me*. Btw, this is my favorite food ever. But still, my mom's cook is more yummy than me hehehe.

500gr carrot
250gr mushroom
250gr minced beef

11 shallots
1 garlic
1 sachet Masako
soy sauce and pepper to taste
vegetable oil to saute

Peeled carrot, mushroom, shallots and garlic. Grated the carrot with grater, cut the mushroom as you like. Chopped shallots and garlic. Saute garlic with little oil, then put the onion and minced beef until brown. Put the grated carrot, Masako, soy sauce and pepper. Wait until cooked, then put mushroom until it is soft. Served it with rice.

Finally, I can write it in English. I hope the readers will understand my bad English. If not, you can ask me in Bahasa hehehe. Nothing exact in my recipe. Feel free to modify.

Warm regards,

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