Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear Chinese food lovers,

Second recipe from my mom's kitchen is Capcay. Well actually.. I really like vegetable, so most of my recipes will be contained lots of vegetables. I think everyone knows about Capcay *famous food in Indonesia*, although it was originally came from China which usually consist of 10 items (all vegetables if it is for vegetarian) and mix with chicken, shrimp and meatball if you are not vegan. Here, I try to cook my mom's Capcay. Let's take a look!

1. 250gr chicken breast (sliced into cubicles)
2. 25gr jamur kuping, leave it in hot water for 10 minutes (err.. ear fungus if I click google translate, help!)
3. 100gr peeled shrimp
4. 5 pcs meatballs
5. 5 pcs fishballs
6. 250gr carrot (sliced thin)
7. 500gr cauliflower
8. 100gr small corn (jagung putren in Bahasa)
9. 100gr dried bean stick, leave it in hot water for 10 minutes (see above picture)
10. 200gr mustard green (sawi hijau in Bahasa)
See.. I only use 10 items..

1 onion
3 garlics
1tbs sesame oil
3tbs oyster sauce *I have already asked my mom:D*
2tbs Blueband
1tbs pepper
3tbs salty soy sauce
salt to taste
2tbs cornstarch + little water, make it like a glue (maizena in Bahasa)
100gr scallion (wow.. stranger name for daun bawang:D)
500ml broth (chicken bone from chicken breast + water 500ml + little ginger, let it dried then add 500ml water until it is boiling)

Fried chopped garlic until it looks golden with blueband and sesame oil, oyster sauce then put chopped onion. Add chicken, shrimp, meatballs, fishballs, pepper, salty soy sauce, broth, dried bean stick, carrot, small corn, scallion, green mustard, jamur kuping (i like to say this instead of ear fungus:P) and cauliflower. Stirred until they are well cooked. Add cornstarch then cook until the water reduce (stirred once in a while). Served best with rice (for 8 people).

Huahhh... Writing recipe in English is not an easy peasy job eventhough this is your favorite recipe. Hopefully I understand with what I have written *LOL*. Feel free to edit my recipe anyway, because I cooked two weeks ago, I think I forget to put oyster sauce in writing.

Warm regards,

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