Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back for Good

Hi there!

I am back! Yes, I proudly announce that I am back to the kitchen hahaha. I won't make any promises anymore, because I looove cooking & baking a lot. I don't care about my exam. But I will try to study and cooking at the same time hehehe. Actually I have lots of stories to tell, but I don't know where to start. Let me point out one by one:

1. My father was sick *so sad*, so he must go on diet, exactly diet for diabetes, hypertensive heart disease and also kidney disease *whew so many!*. My mom and me are starting to collect the recipes for that kind of diet. The good thing is we like experiencing the new recipes moreover they are all healthy food.

2. I have finished study for the exam *at least for this month* so I can cook and bake every week. Yay!

3. Our family is trying hard to avoid yummy culinary experience. Since my father was sick, so we have to cook more often and not consuming junk food or fast food anymore. Yup, I think, we must focus on healthy eating habit. Say good bye to cholesterol! I miss you so much indeed.

4.Heyyy! I have another new blog, the name is kamaratika! Hahaha... Where I can write about anything besides food. Enter my room if you want to know me better;) *I made this blog when I felt stuck while studying hihi*

These photos were taken before my father was sick. Above photo was in Dermaga One Seafood at FMIPA UI Depok, and below photo was in Wiro Sableng 212 Seafood at Kelapa Gading* right is my father's hand and left is my brother's hand*. Yup we are seafood lover. And we eated all in two days. Oh, I really missed that moments. Get well soon, Pak! So we can enjoy seafood again! *at least once a year lah* *lama amat yak?*

Come again to my kitchen,

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