Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yellow Soup

Hellow yellow,

This yellow color soup always reminds me of my childhood food. My mom and my aunty often serve this soup. So, it is kinda favorite food of our big family. I think everyone in Indonesia familiar with this soup, but they call it with different name. My family names it sayur kuning. It’s a little bit like garang asem, the difference is only from turmeric. That’s why we call it sayur kuning because of its color.

Here comes the recipe…

250gr shank meat
250gr potatoes, cut into medium cube
250gr bean, cut 3cm longer
1 liter water

A thumb of galangal (approx. 4cm), bruised -> most of  Indonesian recipes always use thumb for measurement;p
2 bay leaves
1 leaf lemongrass, bruised
Half of my thumb turmeric (approx. 2cm), finely grinded
2 garlics, chopped
4 shallots, chopped
3 belimbing sayur, chopped -> I have no idea the English name of this fruit
2 small tomatoes, chopped
2 red chilies, chopped
3 tbs oil to saute
1/2 tsp salt
chicken flavor to taste

- Boiling first half of water with the meat for half hour. Put lemongrass, galangal, bay leaves and ½ tsp  salt.
- Wait until the meat tender, add ½ liter water again.
- Cut the meat into cubes, then put in the pot again.
- Meanwhile, heat the oil in the pan and saute shallots, garlics, turmeric, chilies, tomatoes, belimbing  sayur until its fragrant, and put it into the boiling water. 
- Add the chicken flavor and the rest of the  ingredients. 
- Continue cooking until all vegetables well cooked.
Serve it with rice.

Oia, I just remember to make a back up for this blog. Because I looove all my mom’s recipes and I really don’t want all of them are dissapear especially by irresponsible people.

Happy cooking!

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