Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going to the Traditional Market!

Dear traditional market lovers,

Two weeks ago, me and my mom went to the traditional market near our home. The name of the market is Pasar Perumnas Klender. This is the market that my mom’s usually spend her time almost every day. Buying some food for her beloved family. And I have a chance to capture some of the sellers who’s one of them is my neighbour, her name is ibu Puput.

Here some pictures that I got from my visit to this market..

Ibu Puput was surrounded with the spices and herbs (onions, garlics, shallots, etc)
Red and green pearl sago, beans, corns, jengkol:p, palm sugars, nutrijells, cocoa powder, crackers, salty fishes, etc
Fermented cassava seller
Oranges, apples, eggs and bananas
The butchers *si abang yang pake jaket kulit niat pengen difoto:D*

Salam becek-becekan,

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