Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spinach Clear Soup

Dear Popeye and Olive,

Me and Popeye have something in common. We both like to eat spinach and I also like Olive’s red turtleneck and black skirt hahaha *eh ga nyambung yah*. Here is my mom delicious spinach clear soup recipe. I like it a lot. Hope you like it too and hope you can be as strong as Popeye;)

2 bunches spinach, remove the hard stems from the leaves
1 cob sweet corn, cut from the cob
100gr red beans
100gr minced beef
1.5 liter water

5 shallots + 3 kemiri *I don’t know in English* + 1tsp salt -> grinded
2 fingers root *my finger:D* temu kunci *I also don’t know what it is in English, help!*, bruised

- Boil water in a pot, put minced beef, seasonings, red beans and corn kernels into boiling water.
- After the red beans soften, add spinach.
- Wait until cooked.
- Served with rice or as an appetizer.

I hope Olive will make this soup for Popeye as an alternative food. Isn't he bored with the spinach can every day, huh? hehehe..

The picture is taken from here

Send my best regards to Popeye and Olive,

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