Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Setup Pisang Tape

Dear sweet iftar,

I have no idea to translate this food. Setup pisang tape is like a compote, almost have the same ingredients with compote banana, but setup uses sugar not Javanese palm sugar. That’s the main difference.  Another difference is the use of cinnamon. I love the smell of it a lot. It is a must serve menu in the holy month of Ramadhan. Please take a look on the recipe below for your next alternative iftar menu…

3 pisang tanduk (banana), make small cuts
250gr kolang-kaling (palm seed fruits)
250gr tape (fermented cassava), make small cuts
150gr sugar
1 pandan leaf, tie knot
2 fingers cinnamon *my fingers as always:D*
1 liter water
½ liter thick coconut milk
½ tsp salt

- Boil palm seed fruits, cinnamon, pandan leaf with 1 liter water.
- Add banana and fermented cassava.
- After banana become tender, add sugar and salt then thick coconut milk.
- Continue cooking for few minutes.
- It is best served while warm or cold.

Happy Ramadhan 1432 H,


  1. seger banget tuh tik.... klo nyokap gw suka bikin pas bulan puasa, buat tajil. klo di kluarga gw namanya kolak putih :)

  2. iya fris.. gw juga biasa bikin pas bulan puasa..