Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arem-arem Mie

Dear friends,

When my friend asked me to bring some snacks for exercising gerak jalan at the office, I tried to make Arem-arem Mie and Pennylane Brownies *the famous brownies from Mbak Riana - NCC*. First of all, I would post the Arem-arem Mie recipe taught by my mom. Here is the recipe. Hope you like it!

4 garlics
5 shallots
6 candlenuts *horreeyy I know kemiri in English*
1/2 sdt salt
Cooking oil to saute
150 gram mincemeat
2 glass coconut milk, boiled
4 eggs, beaten
1 tbs pepper
2 sachet Royco
4 packs noodles, boiled then drained, cut into small pieces * I used mi telur cap 3 ayam*
100 gram scallions, sliced
3 small celery, sliced
50 gram cayennes
Banana leaves to wrap the rolls

- Grind garlics, shallots, candlenuts and ½ tsp salt to make the spice paste.
- Then saute the spice paste until fragrant, add mincemeat, stir until done, pour coconut milk, beaten eggs, pepper and Royco.
- Mix well the spice paste with noodles and sliced scallions and celery.
- Take a piece of banana leaf and put small amount of noodles and one cayenne in it, then roll the banana leaf into a roll *look at the above picture, sorry I can’t describe it very well*, close the roll with a stick or clean toothpick or stapler.
- Repeat this method for the rest of the ingredients.
- Steam for about 30 minutes.
- Served while hot with chilli sauce.
- Makes approximately 20 big rolls.

I always feel happy whenever I can translate the recipes into English. It is so difficult, but I try my best to do it.  I think, it’s a kind of challenging task hehehe.

Let’s cook!


  1. Lo~ve your article! I just saw your published blog on facebook.

    This is good recommendation for someone like me (who always hungry in the way to home from office, you know our city traffic jam so well, ka~n!)

    I love noodle very much! I thought this recipe is quite simple, maybe I can try it out :D

  2. Hi Put... thanks you like it... please try it and let me icip2 ya hehehe... btw, your blog is cool, I will link to my other blog, boleh kan?